Nordic mythology inspired makeup

lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010
  Nordic mythology inspired makeup
 Normally the term Norse myths is used, or more misleading Viking myths, but which does not apply to mythological traditions that extend back into a time before the Norse arose.  However, what became Norse mythology would have extended back in recognizable form through to the beginning of the Iron Age, and with certain elements extending back even to the Neolithic and beyond.
    So my makeup it is inpsired on the nordic mythology and  trying to to capture the Iron Age  adding to my look a metal efect, using gold eyeshadows. On my front head I try  to create a metal head piece, how we allways cand see on almost all the pictures of nordic mythology. The look it is very easy to makeup, you only need pacient to do it, because you need to add  a lot of details.
     Here you can see some pics of the look.

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Phyrra dijo... [Responder]

Very cool!

Saimese dijo... [Responder]

This is amazing! Great job.

WhisperOfSecret dijo... [Responder]

WOw! Keep up the good work!

Unknown dijo... [Responder]

@Phyrra thanks a lot

Unknown dijo... [Responder]

@Saimese thanks a lot

Unknown dijo... [Responder]

@WhisperOfSecret thanks a lot

SilhouetteScreams dijo... [Responder]

This is bloody amazing! I love the contouring on the bridge of the nose :)

Unknown dijo... [Responder]

@SilhouetteScreams thanks a lot

Ishikawa dijo... [Responder]

It;s beautiful,
well, i don't know anything about nordic mythology but the make up is awsome !

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