Givenchy Acid Summer inpired makeup

domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011
       Givenchy Acid Summer inspired makeup
       How you can see by the title , this is makeup inpired in the new summer colection by Givenchy.
This is was my entry and the winner for the contest made by The hot mess corner and Givenchy. The theme of the contest it was the new image of the Givenchy for this summer. Well first I done a more wearable look and then I tranforme it in a more artistic one. The prize that I recive it is amazing, especially the lipglosses. Soon I will make a post , with the swatches and makeup using them.

For this look I use my coastel Scents 88 mate eyeshadow palett, but I find out that mixed with mac fix plus the color show up amazingly vibrant. Then I fix it with some makeup forever pigments. Also the lips color it is made from Glossy full couleur by makeup forever mixt with red pigment, love how the color came out, hope you to.

After I take my picture of this look, I star the transformation in to a artistic makeup on. Firt I apply a with creamy base, and then with fucsia pigments and small brush I draw the paint of the liquid. After that, with a fluffy brush I apply the wet eyeshadow, I strat stippling the eyeshadow trying to creat an explosion of color. So here are the fotos :

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{*Irene*} dijo... [Responder]

This is an incredible make up! I discovered your blog because of this look (in The hot mess corner), and so I follow you. I'm waiting for seing more looks of you!

Saimese dijo... [Responder]

Congrats! You totally deserved it. Your looks are HOT!

Make up by Claudia dijo... [Responder]

@{*Irene*} muchisimas gracias Irene

Make up by Claudia dijo... [Responder]

@Saimese thanks a lot

Fathima Abdul Kader dijo... [Responder]

Wow....!!!!u are so talented...u r like an inspiration to me...!!!I have never been good at artistic u make me wanna try...nd I hav been lookn forward to ur blogposts for a while now...!!! Pls make more frequent posts here.....u truly deserved to win...<3 this luk..nd <3 all ur looks...!!!!

Catanya dijo... [Responder]

Me he quedado impresionada! Es espectacular! Guau!! Such an amazing inspiration!
Just became a new follower here,

xmisslorix dijo... [Responder]

Just gorgeous, Your makeup is beautiful, so artistic and lovely xx

Phyrra dijo... [Responder]

I love the rainbow eyes with the cut crease! Awesome!

Meredith Jessica dijo... [Responder]

The first look is stunning! I've never seen a cut crease like that before and I'm definitely going to experiment with this shape now. So beautiful!

:) dijo... [Responder]

this is absolutely amazing!
how did you make the splattered colours do that? if you dont mind :)

Bombones Malos dijo... [Responder]

Me encanta tu estilo y me soprende la precesion de los maquillajes



Shannon Skylar dijo... [Responder]

This is actually amazing. I am in awe of your blog, your technique is so flawless, let's just say I'm obsessed :)

Artist by Design dijo... [Responder]

my god! that is amazing! wow!! i couldnt stop looking at your eyes, they look so nice!

from your newest follower- please follow me back :)

Make up by Claudia dijo... [Responder]

@{*Irene*} gracias guapa, pronto intentare tener mas actualizado el blog

Make up by Claudia dijo... [Responder]

@Saimese thanks a lot

Make up by Claudia dijo... [Responder]

@Fathima Abdul Kader thanks a lot sweety, I am not makeup artist but I have a big passion for makeup, and that make me try new makeups, and I will try to update my blog more offten

Make up by Claudia dijo... [Responder]

@Catanya gracias guapa

Make up by Claudia dijo... [Responder]

@xmisslorix thanks a lot

Make up by Claudia dijo... [Responder]

@Meredith Jessica thanks a lot, you will have fun to do it

Make up by Claudia dijo... [Responder]

@xmisslorix thanks

Make up by Claudia dijo... [Responder]

@Phyrra thanks

Make up by Claudia dijo... [Responder]

@Meredith Jessica thanks a lot

Make up by Claudia dijo... [Responder]

@:) fist make a base with white cream concealer, and than start adding with fushia eyeshadows shapes and lines, until show up the splater

Make up by Claudia dijo... [Responder]

@Bombones Malos muchisimas gracias, me alegro que te gusta

Make up by Claudia dijo... [Responder]

@Shannon Skylar owww thanks a lot

Make up by Claudia dijo... [Responder]

@Artist by Design thanks a lot

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