Artistic makeup

martes, 18 de mayo de 2010
This is another artistic makeup, that is inspirid in the new bitchslap eyeshadow cosmetics. The product that I use are: for the sugar skull I use first chromacake pure white from mac, then I apply white pigment, and then white glitter. For the another paint I apply first a cream color base and the pigment. The cream base make the colors more vibrant.

Ma pre+prime line filler review

sábado, 8 de mayo de 2010

 I buy this product since a month, and I´ve try it applying in diferents ways, to see how it´s work better, before I´ve made this review. It's  a primer, a silicone base, for wrinkles, fine lines (it can be use such as under the eye, crows feet, frown lines around the mouth, etc).
 Mac pre prime line filler, is a consistence white cream, that afther you apply filles the lines 
and become in to a transparent cream but  very mat.
   When I use it for the first time, I dont like it. I apply it and right over that I apply my foundation, and than came the disapoint. I you apply you foundation right over appling the line filler, you cand not blend your foudation, and the primer it come out. 
I checked the reviews on this products, and I saw people saying that works great on top of foundation or under it, so I  think to give it another try . So I try to apply it afther apply my foundation, and then set it with my finish powder, but also doesn´t work. Afhter that I think that this product doesn´t work for me, what can I do.........
  A week ago, afther I saw some review on this product, I try it again, but in a diferent way, and it work, ooo ye it works  So this are the steps that I made, and how it work better for me:
Afther I mosturized my skin, I apply the Mac pre primer line filler (pat or swipe a little dot) under my eye and on the forehead lines, I wait about 10 minute, and than I applyed my face primer (sephora smoothing primer), and than  I apply my foundation, and the concealer under my eye ( mac select moiture cover), and then I set it with my beneffit powder flage. My lines become more softer, are still there, but you can not see them so accentuate. 
In my opinion I think that it is a good product, I will not reduce your lines, but when you wear it, make them more softer and more blended with your skin, disimulte them.

Winner of 1 place on HairBeauty4you Paradise contest

sábado, 1 de mayo de 2010