terminator inspired makeup

lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

This one of my favorite makeup that I ever made. It is inspirid on , how you can see, Terminator movie. En  this makeup I make a mestake, that the half of my face, it should be like it has burned, and came out the part of the robot.The line that separe the two parts is to straight, but when I finalizate the makeup, I see that, is not so real, but I still love it, :) :) :) :)
So this are some of the fotos, you also can check out my youtube channel, to see a short live video.

    Here in this foto you can comparate more the foto, is more bigger

   This is the product that I´ve use for this look:
   Makeup product:                                                                      Brushes:                                                                   
   Paper glue                                                                                Kubo sp022
   Foundation                                                                               Sigma ss190
   Rose-red lipgloss                                                                      Sigma ss227
   Martora creamy white corrector                                                Sigma ss252
   Max factor metalic silver eyeshadow                                         Sigma ss239
   Coastel scents 88 pallet                                                             Sigma ss212
   Mac carbon eyeshadow                                                            Sigma ss217
   Sephora bright white pigments                                                   Sigma ss210
   Dekade white eyeshadow                                                         Sigma ss209
   Stila black pencil                                                                       Sigma ss219
   H&M black eyeliner                                                                 Sigma ss266
   Mya supreme gel eyeliner                                                          Sigma ss194


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Beauty's Bad Habit dijo... [Responder]

This is amazing! Fantastic blending :)

Unknown dijo... [Responder]

This is so amazing !!! superb work !! m ur FAN...:)

E. Underland dijo... [Responder]

This must have taken forever, looks fantastic ;)

Unknown dijo... [Responder]

@Beauty's Bad Habit thanks

Unknown dijo... [Responder]

Deeptima thanks

Unknown dijo... [Responder]

Nini thanks

Dominique -aka- 美華ちゃん dijo... [Responder]

Omg you are so amazing!

Unknown dijo... [Responder]

@Dominique -aka- 美華ちゃんthanks

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